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    Welcome at Medana | Medsurgical & Anaesthesia Devices

    Welcome to Medana Innovative Medical Products for Innovation Medical Professionals Sales, Supply and Support of Medsurgical & Anaesthesia Devices


    • Equipment Covers Sterile
    • Customised Procedure Packs
    • Laparoscopic Instruments
    • Biopsy Needles and Instruments
    • Waste Fluid Management
    • More

    Regional Anaesthesia

    • SonoPlex Echogenic Needles
    • E-Cath Nerve Block Catheters
    • Sprotte Spinal Needles
    • Infiltralong Infiltrating Catheters
    • NRfit Neuraxial Devices
    • More

    Infusion Devices

    • Volumetric Infusion Pump
    • Syringe Infusion Pump
    • TCI/TIVA Infusion Pump
    • Elastomeric Fuser Pump
    • PCA & PECA Infusion Pump
    • Palliative Care Infusion Pump

    Medana Healthcare Ltd.

    Medana Healthcare Ltd. Ireland was established in 2016 to offer healthcare providers throughout Ireland and the UK a superior and cost-effective procurement route for high-quality Med-Surgical and Anaesthesia Devices.

    As a customer-focused company, we are always striving to expand our product portfolio of innovative medical devices for supply from our ISO-certified warehouse and office.

    Utilising our large storage capacity and inventory management software in conjunction with regular customer contact, we endeavour to always have stock available to fulfil our customers’

    Innovative Medical Products for Innovation Medical Professionals

    Support & Product Training

    At Medana, we continually strive to develop our service and product portfolio by supporting educational training programmes and workshops in hospitals. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of support available in our industry, making our representatives available at all times to accommodate the schedules of healthcare providers. Our product training is designed for correct
    use of our products by medical professionals whose primary concern is for patient care, safety and better outcomes.

    Medana also represents our partners at congresses and exhibitions to showcase the latest product innovations while supporting many medical organisations to provide ongoing education and training to medical professionals.

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