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Bimco sets itself apart with a local team that handles all projects in-house, ensuring quality and consistency in every task undertaken.


Our office is equipped

with the capability to create tailored solutions

Demonstrating our commitment to meeting the specific needs of our clients while maintaining a personal and accessible approach.

bimco is known

for Innovation & Disruption

Founded in 2021, Bimco is a trailblazer in the engineering realm, seamlessly integrating innovation, expertise, and a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs.

Customers got reason to choose us.

bimco stands out with its specialised expertise in Revit and BIM, offering a wide range of high-quality services delivered by certified professionals. Clients can expect tailored solutions, innovation, and a strong commitment to sustainability and efficiency. The company’s proven track record and investment in education further establish Bimco as a reliable and supportive partner in digital construction and modelling.

High Quality


Tailored Solutions

Reliable & Supportive

Services that will complete your organizational needs

BIM Modelling

Not to be confused with 3D modeling, BIM Modeling is a powerful digital tool that helps create a detailed BIM model of a building or structure

Digital Construction Management transforms traditional construction processes using digital tools and software streamlines project workflows, enhances communication for efficient project execution.

A cutting-edge technique that involves collecting and analyzing data about specific locations on the Earth’s surface.

3D modeling is a digital technique used to create a three-dimensional representation of an object or space. We bring ideas to life, providing a visual and tangible form to concepts and designs.


The Fern Dean Stepaside Nursing Home Render

Making workload distribution, sales visibility, and lead generation process easy.


Haymarket Smithfield Render

Making workload distribution, sales visibility, and lead generation process easy.


Pinterest Point Cloud Scan

Making workload distribution, sales visibility, and lead generation process easy.

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Extensive Experience

The bimco team has a lot of experience working on different types of big and complex projects in various parts of the world, including the Middle East, Australia, Africa, and Ireland.

Industry Wide

They have tackled projects in mining, healthcare, hotels, retail, and residential areas. This wide range of work shows that they know a lot about different areas of construction, and they are good at handling big, complicated projects.

Tackling Challenge

They use their diverse skills to make sure every project is done well, no matter how challenging it might be.

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Precision in Every Pixel:
Your BIM Journey,

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